We can help you with your clearance problems.

We can clear your home whatever your situation. Selling or letting your house? We make house clearance as stress free as possible for you. Had some work done to your house? Need to remove the debris? We can do it. Had an overhaul of your garden? We can help.

House Clearance

At The Flying Scottsvan, we recognize that house clearances are often tied to significant life events. Whether you’re downsizing, handling an estate, or just aiming for a fresh start, our house clearance service ensures a swift, efficient, and respectful handling of all items. With our experienced team at your service, we’ll clear your space without the usual stress and hassle.

Rubbish Clearance

Rubbish can accumulate over time, creating clutter and occupying valuable space. At The Flying Scottsvan, we offer a dedicated rubbish clearance service. Our team comes prepared to segregate, remove, and dispose of any unwanted items, helping to refresh your living or workspace.


Responsibility is at the heart of our disposal practices. The Flying Scottsvan ensures that all items removed during our services are disposed of in the most environmentally friendly manner possible. Be it recycling, donating, or sustainable discarding, we handle each item with care, ensuring minimal impact on our planet.

Waste Disposal

Waste can range from everyday household items to more hazardous materials. Regardless of the type, The Flying Scottsvan has protocols in place for effective waste disposal. Safety and environmental considerations are paramount, and our trained team ensures that waste is disposed of correctly, adhering to all relevant regulations.

We can even pay for some items should they be worth money – we’re happy to give free quotes and evaluations and most items can be taken.

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How do I know if any of my stuff is valuable?

Determining the value of items can be tricky. Before we begin any clearance, we recommend reviewing your possessions. If you suspect something might be of value but aren’t sure, consult with us. The Flying Scottsvan team has experience in recognizing valuable items and can advise on potential worth. However, for a precise valuation, we’d suggest consulting with a professional appraiser. Remember, sentimental value is immeasurable, so always retain what’s dear to you.

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